Alarm System Troubleshooting

AAA Alarm System Troubleshooting

What if a product stops working?

    • Consult your product manual first, which are located under the customer support tab if needed; if you cannot find the solution to your problem please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will do our best to answer your questions over the phone or through email as quickly as possible. If we cannot do that, then we will come to you and look over your product and service it. AAA Alarm & Security strives to have the best customer service throughout the state of Arizona.

What if the alarm is going off, but nothing seems out of the ordinary?

    • Check all aspects of your alarm system – the keypad or the video surveillance cameras, for example. If you cannot find anything wrong, then please call us and we will determine why the alarm went off.

What if I have a low battery?

    • First determine whether it is the control panel or the transmitter. (Insert picture of transmitter for reference) If the low battery is in the main panel, take the system battery out and replace it with another battery that you can obtain either from AAA Alarm & Security or a local electronics store. Remember, your new battery will need to charge for about 4-12 hours before it is ready to use.

What if the power fails in my security system?

    • Find the transformer that powers the alarm panels. Make sure to plug it in properly, and then check the wiring to ensure the wires are not frayed or disconnected.
    • If everything appears ok, try putting an alternative object into the electrical outlet to see if the outlet is working. If the outlet has power, please call us so we can check the system and determine the problem. If your outlet does not have power, please check the circuit breakers. If nothing else works, take out the transformer, then using an extension cord into another outlet and plug the transformer into the extension cord as a temporary fix.

Please contact us with any other alarm system troubleshooting questions, concerns or issues!