Cellular Backup Services

Cellular Backup for Continuous Security

We offer affordable cellular backup for alarm and premium security communication system. This will reach you no matter where you are in order to alert you to an alarm event and in the worst case scenario notify the proper emergency services necessary.

For customers with a landline, our cellular backup service allows us to continue monitoring. Specifically the status of your home and alert you to danger. This is even if your home phone service was to be disrupted or disconnected.

If you no longer us a land line phone, your home can still be programmed for security integrations. Yes, the security systems of the past relied on phone lines to connect alarms to a central station; but today, wireless communication makes it possible for your alarm system to be 100% independent of outdated land lines by connecting directly to your cellular phone.

Many alarm system dealers regard wireless communications as a “cellular backup” in which measure for customers whose land lines were cut by an intruder or interrupted by a power outage.

So, we have designed a series of primary measures to secure wireless communications systems. In other words, the only security system you will need. Our cellular communications systems provide a path for your alarm, so it will reach the central station as instantly and effectively as a land line connection would.